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AIPG Georgia Section

4th Conference: Innovative Environmental Assessment and Remediation Technology
AIPG Georgia Section
September 12-13, 2012
Kennesaw State University
Continuing Education
Kennesaw, Georgia
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Dave Goodrich, Understanding the Practical Use of Total Oxidant Demand Treatability Testing

Joan Sasine, Georgia Voluntary Remediation Program Report Card

Ing. Jan Slunsky, Production of Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles (nZVI) for in situ Groundwater Remediation Including Recent Field-Scale Application and Remediation Experience

Joe Rossabi, Amendment/Contaminant Contact: Improving Our Odds Using Injection, Chemotaxis, Soil Blenders and Other Things

John Valkenburg, Laboratory and Field Evaluation of a Novel Liquid Amendment Containing Lecithin and Ferrous Iron

David Russell, A Rational Method for Distributing or Collecting Gases and Liquid in Horizontal Wells

Thomas McGowan, Thermal Desorption and Other Methods for Treating Diesel-Based Drilling Mud and Organic Contaminated Soil

Jim Fineis, Monitoring Well Construction: Is grout really the best annular seal material?

David Yifru, An Integrated Groundwater Remediation Approach at Tenneco Automative, Hartwell, Georgia

William Lundy, Molecular Extraction

Todd Romero, Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT): A Direct-Push tool used to further characterize subsurface lithology and locate contaminant pathways

Bill Monroe, TRS ERH Advancement, Innovations and Design Considerations

Ken Summerour, Survey of ISCO Applications in Georgia: A critical review of factors contributing to success

Joan Bozzone, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - The MOX Project at Savannah River Site

David Gillay, Panel Discussion on Vapor Intrusion: Rod Thompson, David Hayes, George Losonsky and David Gillay

Steve Diamond, Design Cosiderations for Active Remedial Systems in Georgia

Barry Rudd, In-situ Soil Blending Brownfield Site, Cullman, AL

Ron Wallace, Assessing Free Product at UST Sites

Lunch 1 - Gold Presentation, Rob Kelly

Lunch 2 - Geolog of the Grand Canyon, Arizona: Dan Centofani


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