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Guidelines for AIPG Associate Editors

American Institute of Professional Geologists
12000 Washington St., Suite 285, Thornton, CO 80241-3134
(303) 412-6205, FAX (303) 253-9220, E-mail: aipg@aipg.org

We ask that you review the articles as promptly as you can. The editor will make final decision as to what is published. Please remember that The Professional Geologist (TPG) is not a scientific journal. It is the bi-monthly magazine of the AIPG.

In reviewing an article you should ask yourself, and make recommendations on the following questions:

  1. Do you consider the article suitable for TPG?

  2. Although the article may be about a specific field, would it appeal to most geologists?

  3. Does the article offer information; scientifically or professionally, that would be of interest to most geologists?

  4. Is the article well written? Does it use good grammar throughout, and does it "flow"?
    (We do edit somewhat for English, so be prepared to do that; but we will not rewrite an entire article).

  5. Lastly, and very importantly, is the article accurate scientifically and factually. We cannot check all of the facts, and we may not agree with a particular theory. If an article is sound and accurate, whether or not we agree, it is probably okay. However, we do not want to publish spurious articles. If in doubt, have the author provide verification.



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