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The Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists has been established to: make educational grants to support individual scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in the geosciences; prepare literature with educational content about the role of geosciences as a critical component of the sciences and of the national economy and public health and safety; make grants to classroom geoscience teachers for classroom teaching aids; support development of education programs for the science and engineering community; support geoscience internships in the nation’s capital; support geological field trips for K-12; and support educational outreach programs to the public on the state and local level.

The Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists is a 501(c)(3). Contributions are tax deductible.

Foundation of the AIPG – Young Professional Pilot Program
We are facing a potential scarcity of professional geologists in the near future due to the aging of our workforce. This is a product of the surge from the “babyboom” generation that is approaching retirement.  AIPG has often discussed this pending human resource shortage and now wants to take steps to attract and keep youngsters in the profession.  One such step is to create a Young Professional Program.  The concept of the YPP is to bring together young geoscience professionals in various regions of the country for social interaction, training, and networking among themselves and with companies and organizations that employ geologists. The concept is to provide a program that is fun, easy to get to, of short duration, very economical, and beneficial to the young geoscientist and employers alike. The Foundation of the AIPG plans to financially support a Young Professionals Pilot Program (YPPP) that AIPG will design and operate. This YPPP will most likely be in the Denver area.  If the pilot shows promise, it can be refined and operated in other locations in the country.  Please support the Foundation, AIPG and society with your financial contribution toward this noble effort. 

Development Committee Members
The FAIPG has been in the process of establishing its internal structure and policies, which include the creation of a development arm. The FAIPG seeks a volunteer to become a member of the Foundation and undertake the key role as the Chair of the Development Committee. We are also seeking other volunteers to serve on that committee. Some have suggested that retired or semi-retired members of AIPG may best be suited for this role, but the FAIPG does not wish to exclude any person with a strong interest.  Persons who have been active at the AIPG section level, and/or the national level, may be well suited, especially if such persons have non-profit development experience.  However, previous close involvement in AIPG is not a prerequisite. Chairing the development committee will be a challenging, prominent role and very visible to the AIPG community. We ask that you consider filling this important need. 

Student Scholarships
Student scholarships (Undergraduate and Graduate) are made possible by the support of the Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists and the AIPG members’ voluntary contributions. To make a donation click here.


The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
of practicing geologists and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

AIPG represents the professional interests of all practicing geoscientists in every discipline.
It's advocacy & efforts are focused on the promotion of the role of geology and geologists in society.