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AIPG Students Resources

Students this page is a resource for your use. If you have suggestions on what you would like included on this page please let us know wjd@aipg.org.

AIPG encourages students to send in articles and photos to be printed in the AIPG journal The Professional Geologist.  Send articles and photos via e-mail to aipg@aipg.org or mail to AIPG, 12000 Washington St., Suite 285, Thornton, Colorado 80241-3134. Ph.: (303) 412-6205.

Getting a Job—Resumes, Networking, and Interviews
In the Jan/Feb TPG 2013, there is a great article on getting a job and how to prepare yourself in writing a resume, networking to get a job, proper way to interview, and questions you should be ready for. We have put this together as a separate document for your use. You can also use this to recruit students that are not AIPG members and to remind them that they can join for free. 

Why Become a Student Member of AIPG

Student Application - FREE (fill out form and submit or apply online). Click here to JOIN ONLINE.

AIPG National Student Scholarship Program

Foundation of AIPG William J. Siok Graduate Scholarship

Job Target (free resume and job posting service)

Submitting an article

AIPG Young Professional Member Documents

AIPG has published over 230 articles and other documents specifically addressing student and young professionals in The Professional Geologist and as independent documents over the years. These articles have been collected along with a topical index of the articles that will assist in locating specific articles and documents addressing a specific topic. Included in this collection are all of the Student’s Voice columns, the articles for students published in the January issue of the TPG over the past several years, other student-authored articles, etc. Over the years, a wealth of useful information and advice is included in this collection, which will be updated as each issue of the TPG is published. Student Topics Index

AIPG Student Chapters

AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award

AIPG Student Chapters Manual

AGI/AIPG Summer Internships in Geoscience & Public Policy

AGI Job Wheel and Preparing our Workforce (POW) Project American Geosciences Institute (AGI)

Student Career Day Flyer

Reflections on a Geologic Career - 4th edition (2002)

AIPG Section (State) Web sites and Officers

2013 Student Poster Contest Winners

Five cash prizes were awarded to three undergraduate students and two graduate students at the AIPG 2013 Annual Meeting in Broomfield, Colorado. The undergraduate student awardees were: 1st Prize - $500 - Stephanie Gallegos, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado, New Suspected Kimberlite: Northern Colorado; 2nd Prize - $150 - Joseph Mohan, Central Michigan University, Michigan, A Paleoenvironmental Analysis of the Middle Devonian Gravel Point Formation, Western Michigan; and 3rd Prize - $100 - Taylor Sting, PM Environmental/Michigan State University, Michigan, Ferrous Sulfate Effects on High pH Soils. The graduate student awardees were: 1st Prize - $600 (sponsored by the AIPG Colorado Section) - Keryn Wolff, SA, University of Adelaide, South Australia, Carbonate Geochemistry of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia and 2nd Prize - $250 - Eve Iversen, Iowa State University, IA, Limitations of GIS in Mapping Papyrus Along the Egyptian Nile River. Congratulations!

TPG - Journal of the American Institute of Professional Geologists
The January/February issue of TPG has been dedicated to Students since 2003.

January/February/March (5157KB)
E-article (979KB)
Table of Contents (378KB)

2013 January/February (6556KB)
Table of Contents (451KB)

2012 - January/February (6445KB)
Table of Contents (444KB)

2011 - January/February (4982KB)
Table of Contents (538KB)

2010 - January/February (6095KB)
Table of Contents (508KB)

2009 - January/February (5356KB)
Table of Contents (466KB)

2008 - January/February (3108KB)
Table of Contents (485KB)

2007 - January/February (4751KB)
Table of Contents (713KB)

2006 - January/February (3578KB)
Table of Contents (70KB)

2005 - January/February (high res - 4398KB) or (low res - 1628KB)
Table of Contents (96KB)

2004 - January/February
Table of Contents

2003 - January/February


JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2003, Volume 40, Number 1
The Professional Geologist

Colorado Front Range Geoscience Career Day
William H. Hoyt, CPG-07015, and David M. Abbott, Jr., CPG-04570

Modeling Ground Water/Surface Water Interactions
Along the Rio Grande, New Mexico

Laura Jean Wilcox, SA-0201

Producing What the Industry Wants: A Student Viewpoint
Meghan Jackson, SA-0235

Kids, Balloons, and a Minor in Earth Science:
The Making of a Well-Rounded Geologist

Michael Urban, SA-0261

So You Want Me To Hire You - An Employer�s
Perspective on the Interviewing Process

Bob Stewart, CPG-08332

So You Want to be a Professor in a Research University
George D. Klein, CPG-01487

So You Want to be a College Instructor
Gail G. Gibson, CPG-09993

What do Campus Oil Company Recruiters Look For?

George D. Klein, CPG-01487

How to Give a Speech
Henry H. Fisher

The Geologist: Past, Present, Future
Susan M. Landon, CPG-04591

My Pathway to Geology - Exploration, Development, and Production
Richard Powers, CPG-06765

Internship Exposes Geoscience Students to Public Policy
Margaret Baker, AGI

Colorado School of Mines AIPG Student Chapter
L. Graham Closs, CPG-07288 and Dawn A. Schippe, SA-0139

AIPG Scholarship and President Awards

Professionalism in Geology
Stephen A. Sonnenberg, CPG-06201

The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
of practicing geologists and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

AIPG represents the professional interests of all practicing geoscientists in every discipline.
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