AIPG 3rd Annual Marcellus Shale Conference:
Energy Development and Enhancement by
Hydraulic Fracturing

May 22-23, 2012 - Pittsburgh, PA

Hosted by the American Institute of Professional Geologists

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Preliminary List of Presenters

Litigation and Regulatory Update

David Overstreet, K&L Gates LLP, Pittsburgh, PA


Preparing for and Handling Common Complaints by Private Water Well Owners Related to Shale Gas and Other Unconventional Development Programs

John Fontana, Vista Geoscience, Golden, CO


Cost Effective Strategy for Monitoring Ground Water During Drilling and Hydrofracking

Bill Gregg, Summit Envirosolutions, Inc., St. Paul, MN


Geologic and Baseline Groundwater Evidence for Naturally Occurring, Shallow Source, Thermogenic Methane Gas in Northeastern Pennsylvania

Brent Wilson, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK


Crystallization - A Viable and "Green" Solution to Industry's Wastewater Needs

Jay Smith, Salt Water Solutions, Avon, NY


Secondary Containment-Evolving Regulations and Recommended Practices

Beth Powell, New Pigg Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA


The Distribution of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Elements in the Devonian Age Sediments of the Appalachian Basin from Oriented Core Analysis

Thomas Mroz, National Energy Technology Laboratory, Earth & Minerals Science Division, Morgantown, WV


Equilibrium and Kinetics of Radium Co-Precipitation in Ba-Sr-SO4 System

Tieyuan Zhang, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA


Managing Water Sources for Shale Gas Development - What's New in the Susquehanna River Basin

Paula Ballaron, Susquehanna River Basin Commission, Harrisburg, PA


Things to Know About NORM:
A Laboratory's Perspective

Dennis Leeke, Pace Analytical Services, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA


Case Studies in Landslide Repair and Severe Erosion Mitigation: Gas Transmission and Extraction Sites in Marcellus Shale Geologic Regimes

Colby Barrett, Soil Nail Launcher, Inc., Grand Junction, CO


Comparison of Sample Collection Techniques for Dissolved Methane in Water Supply Wells

Mark Orzechowski, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA


Optimizing Unconventional Oil and Gas Stimulation

Trenton Cladouhos, AltaRock Energy, Inc., Seattle, WA


Overview of Shale Gas Flowback Chemistry and
Treatment Strategies

Patrick Horner, Aqua-Pure Ventures, Calgary Alberta Canada


Diagnostic Environmental Parameters for Differentiating Sources of Water and Gases

John W. Oneacre, Ground Water Solutions, Ltd., Houston, Texas

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