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AIPG Hydraulic Fracturing Conference

AIPG Marcellus Shale: Energy Development and Enhancement by
Hydraulic Fracturing Conference

Pittsburgh, PA
May 4-5, 2010
Presenters and Presentations

Shale Development: Economic and Policy Perspectives
John P. Martin - NYSERDA

Separating Fact From Fiction: Careful Hydrogeologic Evaluation May Protect Against Unfair and Baseless Domestic Supply Impact Allegations
Mark W. Eisner, PG - Advanced Land and Water, Inc.

Effective Treatment of Flowback Brine at a New York Crystallizer Plant
Jay N. Smith - Salt Water Solutions

Utica Shale Formation, Flowback Water Baseline Testing and Disposal
Richard Nyahay - Gastem-USA and Strategic Environmental, LLC

Water Resource Issues Related to Hydraulic Fracturing in the
Marcellus Shale Region

David Alleman - ALL Consulting

Regulation of Growing Demands for Water Withdrawals
in the Susquehanna River Basin

Paula Ballaron - Susquehanna River Basin Commission

Luncheon Keynote Speaker
Albert B. Yost II - Technology Manager for Exploration
and Production Research, US Department of
Energy, National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

NETL Contributions to the Nation’s Unconventional Gas Technology Portfolio

What’s “New” in New York? The Status of Permitting Horizontal Drilling
and High-Volume Hydrofracturing

Jean M. Neubeck - Alpha Geoscience

Water Recovery, Recycling, and Environmental
Mitigation/Alternative Use of Brackish Coal Bed Methane
Produced Water for Production and Well Completion Purposes

Allan Sattler - Sandia National Laboratories

Shale Gas Produced Water Recovery and Recycling:
Opportunities and Challenges
Matthew E. Mantell, PE - Chesapeake Energy Corporation

The Fate and Transport of Uranium in Marcellus Shale
Tracy L. Bank - Department of Geology, University of Buffalo
Unable to Publish

Addressing the Impact of NORM on Marcellus Shale Drilling
Andrew Lombardo, CHP - Safety and Ecology Corporation

Recent Earthquakes Near Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
Cliff Frohlich - University of Texas at Austin

An Environmental Discussion of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale
David Alleman - ALL Consulting

Not All Fractures Are Created Equal - Using Natural Fracture Systems
to get the Most out of Your Hydrofracturing Program

Paul Washington, PhD - SUNY Oneonta

Predicting the Role of Natural Fractures in Hydraulic Fracturing
Treatment of Gas Shales Using Discrete Fracture Network Models

Thomas W. Doe, PhD, LG, LEG, LHG - Golder Associates, Inc.

Using Real Time Microseismic Monitoring to Optimize Your Completions
Kirby Walker - Schlumberger

Interpretation and Simulation of Borehole Tests Conducted
in Valhall Chalk Reservoir, Norwegian North Sea

Thomas W. Doe, PhD, LG, LEG, LHG - Golder Associates, Inc.

Development of Proppants for Hydrofracturing in Oil
and Natural Gas Bearing Shales

John R. Hellmann - Pennsylvania State University

Halliburton’s Chemistry Scoring Index (CSI) – How to Score a Product
Denise Tuck, PE - Halliburton

Maximizing Friction Reduction Performance Using Flow Back Water
and Produced Water for Waterfrac Applications

Jason Bryant - Halliburton

Sustainable Management of Flowback Water From the Marcellus Shale
Elise Barbot, PhD - University of Pittsburgh

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