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The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), founded in 1963, is the largest association dedicated to promoting geology as a profession. It presently has more than 7,800 members in the U.S. and abroad, organized into 36 regional Sections. The Institute adheres to the principles of professional responsibility and public service and is the only international organization that certifies the competence and ethical conduct of geological scientists in all branches of the science with members employed in industry, government, and academia. AIPG emphasizes competence, integrity and ethics. AIPG is an advocate for the profession and communicates regularly to federal and state legislators and agencies on matters pertaining to the geosciences.

AIPG Members

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AIPG News...

American Institute of Professional Geologists Announces New Executive Director

The American Institute of Professional Geologists, a service and educational organization serving the geosciences since 1963, has announced the selection of Aaron W. Johnson, PhD as its new executive director.  Johnson will fill the vacancy created by the retirement of William J. Siok, CPG. The selection was made after a national search and selection process.

“We are very pleased to announce this appointment,” reported AIPG President Helen Hickman.  “Dr. Johnson will bring new leadership and creativity to AIPG’s programs and a fresh perspective to AIPG’s continuing mission in support the geosciences and its practitioners.” 

Dr. Johnson’s resume includes over 20 years of planning, administration, communications, fund-raising,  and teaching experience in the academic sector.  He was awarded a doctorate in Geological Sciences in 2003 from the University of Missouri-Columbia, and has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors for his outstanding contributions to teaching and research.
“My work with non-profit organizations has allowed me to develop a management philosophy grounded in the concept that people are the most important resource in an organization.” remarks Johnson.  I believe it’s imperative to “strike a balance between dedication to the mission of the organization and outlining a bold vision for the future.”  Dr. Johnson will officially assume the role beginning August 22.

AIPG is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization providing centralized and innovative information, education, and administrative support for the US geosciences community.  AIPG is a Member Society of the American Geosciences Institute.

AIPG Staff News

Vickie Hill, AIPG Membership Services Manager, has announced her acceptance of a new position and opportunity outside AIPG. She will be missed.

We thank her for her excellent efforts at AIPG over the past 8 1/2 years, especially her extraordinary ability to relate to geoscience students.

The AIPG Executive Committee, AIPG members, and the AIPG headquarters staff extend to her the warmest wishes for a fulfilling and successful future in her new endeavor.

AIPG has for sale the new Geoscience Handbook 2016:

AGI Data Sheets Fifth edition

Compiled by Mark B. Carpenter and Christopher M. Keane
For more than 40 years, AGI's Data Sheets have been a critical tool for the geoscientist in field, the lab, and the classroom. For decades its bright orange cover and three-ring binding was distinctive in the geoscience community. The book evolved into its current, full-color and spiral bound format with the 2005 debut of the 4th edition.
Now AGI has tapped some of the best minds in the geosciences to produce this 5th edition. Featuring the contributions of over 240 experts worldwide in their respective fields, this new, expanded edition is over 470 full-color pages. Three years of work went into the Handbook to broaden its scope across the disciplines. With more than 170 complete new data sheets, and full revisions of prior data sheets, over 85% of the content is either new or revised for the fifth edition. The Geoscience Handbook is the quick reference tool for key metrics and concepts, a guide to cornerstone papers and recent developments, as well as short tutorials on topics that may not be familiar to all geoscientists.
Hurry and order your copy today!
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What is the EurGeol title?

The European Geologist title (EurGeol) is a professional title created by the European Federation of Geologists (EFG) which recognises the ability to deliver a high quality of services within the practice of geology. Title holders have achieved suitable academic training and a level of professional experience, skill and competence to perform tasks within their professional practice. It also means that the geologist undertakes continuing education and training, demonstrating a personal commitment to stay up to date and informed within the sphere of his professional work.

IUGS Resources for Future Generations

The IUGS Resources for Future Generations (RFG2018) international geoscience conference will be hosted in Canada, in Vancouver British Columbia, in June of 2018; and our Board recently decided that Geoscientists Canada will formally join the organizational structure of this event as a Technical Partner.

With a global reach and themes covering all of the key geoscience sectors across all of professional practice  - Minerals, Energy, Water, the Earth, and Resources and Society - we feel this conference will be of direct technical interest to geoscientists worldwide, including CGPs and all other members of the AIPG community. The event website is www.rfg2018.org. Call for Sessions flyer and conference brochure.

AIPG Section Newsletters

The AIPG Georgia Section Newsletter - May 2016 is available online.

The AIPG Alaska Section Newsletter - Spring 2016 is available online.

The AIPG Michigan Section Newsletter - May 2016 is available online.

The AIPG Texas Section News - May 2016 is available online.

NEW! Geology Career Pathways website from The Geological Society

AIPG Journal - The Professional Geologist (TPG)

The AIPG quarterly journal, The Professional Geologist, April/May/June 2016 issue is available online in pdf and digital version (active links and pages flip like paper copy). This issue includes: AIPG National Conference information; Tales from the Field - Light at the End of the Tunnel; AIPG National Officer Ballot; The Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceaus Strata in Western Staten Island, New York; Our Saves Count Also; Geothermal Energy-Current Status and Future Possibilities; The Reading Geologist - Book Reviews; and much more - now available online. All back issues of TPG are available online.

AIPG Student Chapter Award - Annual submittal deadline is June 30th

The purpose of the AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award is to recognize the most outstanding student chapter for their participation in, and contribution to, the American Institute of Professional Geologists. The award will consist of a plaque to be presented to the student chapter, a certificate to each of the officers of the chapter at the time of their submittal, a $500.00 award for the chapter, and a trip for one member of the winning student chapter to the annual AIPG conference and executive meetings. The student that attends the annual meeting will observe the organization and functions of AIPG and participate in the executive board meeting. For more information...

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The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
of practicing geologists and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

AIPG represents the professional interests of all practicing geoscientists in every discipline.
Its advocacy and efforts are focused on the promotion of the role of geology and geologists in society.