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The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG), founded in 1963, is the largest association dedicated to promoting geology as a profession. It presently has more than 7,000 members in the U.S. and abroad, organized into 36 regional Sections. The Institute adheres to the principles of professional responsibility and public service and is the only international organization that certifies the competence and ethical conduct of geological scientists in all branches of the science with members employed in industry, government, and academia. AIPG emphasizes competence, integrity and ethics. AIPG is an advocate for the profession and communicates regularly to federal and state legislators and agencies on matters pertaining to the geosciences.

AIPG Members

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The Foundation of the
American Institute of Professional Geologists

The Foundation of the American Institute of Professional Geologists has been established to: make educational grants to support individual scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students in the geosciences; prepare literature with educational content about the role of geosciences as a critical component of the sciences and of the national economy and public health and safety; make grants to classroom geoscience teachers for classroom teaching aids; support development of education programs for the science and engineering community; support geoscience internships in the nation's capital; support geological field trips for K-12; and support educational outreach programs to the public on the state and local level.
Development Committee Members | Foundation of the AIPG – Young Professional Pilot Program | DONATE ONLINE

AIPG News...

AIPG Section Newsletters

The AIPG California Newsletter - Spring 2015 is now online.

The AIPG Wisconsin Newsletter - Spring 2015 is now online.

The AIPG Northeast Section Newsletter - Winter 2015 is now online.

The AIPG Colorado Section Newsletter - March 2015 is now online.

The AIPG Minnesota Section Newsletter - February 2015 is now online.

The AIPG Georgia Section Newsletter - February/March 2015 is now online.

The AIPG Ohio Section Newsletter - February 2015 is now online.

The AIPG Georgia Section Newsletter - February 2015 is now online.

The AIPG California Section Newsletter - February 2015 is now online.

Dr. Patrick Leahy, CPG-10507, Awarded Prestigious AASG
Pick & Gavel Award

The Association of American State Geologists (AASG) has recognized the Executive Director of the American Geosciences Institute, Dr. P Patrick Leahy, CPG-10507, with its prestigious Pick and Gavel Award.  This award was initiated by AASG in 1999 to recognize distinguished friends of geology who have made major contributions to advancing or facilitating the role that geoscience plays in our society. For more information click here.

AIPG 2015 National Award Recipients

Ben H. Parker Memorial Medal - David M. Abbott, CPG-04570, Denver, Colorado;
Martin Van Couvering Memorial Award - James A. Jacobs, CPG-07760, Mill Valley, California; Award of Honorary Membership - Dennis Pennington, CPG-04401, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania; Outstanding Achievement Award - Karl Karlstrom and Laura Crossey, Albuquerque, New Mexico. For award descriptions, past recipients and nomination information click here. Awards will be presented at the AIPG National Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska on September 21, 2015 at the Hilton Anchorage Hotel.

AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award - Submittal Deadline is June 30th

The purpose of the AIPG Student Chapter of the Year Award is to recognize the most outstanding student chapter for their participation in, and contribution to, the American Institute of Professional Geologists. The award will consist of a plaque to be presented to the student chapter, a certificate to each of the officers of the chapter at the time of their submittal, a $500.00 award for the chapter, and a trip for one member of the winning student chapter to the annual AIPG conference and executive meetings. The student that attends the annual meeting will observe the organization and functions of AIPG and participate in the executive board meeting. For more information click here.

AIPG Section Leadership Award - Submittal
Deadline is May 31st

The AIPG Section Leadership Award was established by the Executive Committee in 2013 to recognize one or more of our members who have demonstrated a long-term commitment and have been long-term contributors to AIPG at the section level. AIPG has many sections where one or more individuals have demonstrated exceptional leadership for their section and in many instances kept the section together and moving forward.  These individuals are commonly not known at the National level or by AIPG members outside of their sections, however, their contributions have been vital to their sections and they perform this work because of their commitment to our profession and AIPG.  The award will consist of a plaque (or similar) that will be presented to the awardees at the banquet of the annual meeting of AIPG. For more information click here.

What Types of Positions are Master’s Students Pursuing?

The Geoscience Career Master's Preparation Survey (Geo Career MaPS), funded by the National Science Foundation, investigated which types of positions Master's candidates were most likely to pursue.  The survey, developed by AGI and AAG, asked faculty which types of positions their advisees have most often accepted post graduation, and asked enrolled students which positions they were interested in pursuing. In addition, these data are compared to what positions non-academic professionals currently hold.  The data for this Currents are reported from Geology and Geography departments whose Master's programs are not intended to prepare students to pursue a PhD.    
Please see the attached PDF or view the latest Geoscience Currents online at http://www.americangeosciences.org/workforce/currents.

EARTH Magazine

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is happy to offer a free 90-day (3 issues) trial for the digital versions of EARTH Magazine. AGI has published EARTH since 1956 (as Geotimes through 2008) and now we invite you to check us out with no obligation. After 90 days, if you wish to subscribe it is $20 annually. Go to www.earthmagazine.org/trial to get started!!

AIPG Journal - The Professional Geologist (TPG)

The AIPG quarterly journal, The Professional Geologist, January/February/March 2015 (pdf) - Student themed issue is now available online. We now have a NEW DIGITAL e-pub available: http://www.modernpubsonline.com/0A3h4ko/TPGMarch2015/index.html. Let us know what you think and if you have any comments or suggests – aipg@aipg.org.

AIPG Call for Abstracts - Ohio 2015 Conference

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - online or pdf - submit an abstract by March 23, 2015. AIPG Conference on The Expanding World of Unconventional Shale Hydrocarbon Resources - The role of Hydraulic Fracturing in the Development of the Utica, Marcellus and other Shales of the Appalachian Basin with Ohio’s Geology in Core and Outcrop Short Course and Field Trip. The conference is being held in Columbus, Ohio on April 27-29, 2015. Presentations are on April 28th and 29th with a half day short course and a half day field trip on April 27th. Co-hosted by the AIPG Ohio Section. Sponsors and Exhibitors are welcome. List of Presentations/Presenters. Register online or pdf form | Ad Flyer
Exhibitor Form | Sponsor Form

AIPG Call for Abstracts - Alaska 2015 National Conference

Join the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) at the 2015
Annual National Conference in Anchorage, Alaska! Present and attend the technical sessions on September 21 & 22nd. The technical session presentations will be held at the Hilton Anchorage Hotel, 500 West Third Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501 - Hotel: 1-800-HILTONS - Room Rate: $137 - www.hiltonanchorage.com. To have your abstract considered for a presentation please go to http://www.aipg.org/abstract/ to submit an abstract online by May 4, 2015.

AIPG Call for Abstracts - 2015 Energy Exposition

Join the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) at the 2015
Energy Exposition in Billings, Montana! Register Online or Registration form. Present and attend the technical sessions organized and hosted by AIPG on June 24th-25th with an optional field trip: Transect Across the Beartooth Mountains Front Laramide Triangle Zone: Dean, Montana to The Golf Course, Trip Leader: Ennis Geraghty,Senior Project Geologist, Stillwater Mining Company on Friday, June 26th. The schedule is structured to allow plenty of time to browse and participate in the Energy Exposition. Registration will include ‘Breakfast and a Movie’ both days, lunch, and reduced ticket pricing for the Expo dinner on June 25th. Go to http://energyexposition. com/ for additional information on the Energy Exposition. The technical session presentations will be held at the Rimrock Arena within the MetraPark Expo Center, 308 6th Avenue N., Billings, MT 59101. To have your abstract considered for a presentation please go to http://www.aipg.org/abstract/ to submit an abstract online by March 30, 2015.


One of the joys of Lego toys is that they can be used to create anything you can imagine.  Since 2008, the Japanese company Cuusoo has been helping Lego fans worldwide to create their own kits, and, with enough votes, get them produced by Lego. Recently, user “circeverba” submitted her design for a geology themed kit. Her objective is to share some of her career activities and research tools as a way to build awareness of what geologists do.  The kit comes in two portions, a field section where two geologists are examining the stratigraphy of a cave, and a lab portion with a scanning electron microscope. The kit also includes essential geologic items such as a Brunton compass, a rock hammer, and a field dog. 

To be released as an official Lego kit, the idea must receive 10,000 votes within a year. At the time of writing, the proposal has just over 2000 votes less than a month after it was submitted. If you would be interested in seeing this kit in stores in the future, please, lend your support. It takes less than five minutes to support the project, and this could become an important educational tool for our industry. Link to the page: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/93813
Submitted by: Bryce Williamson, Geology Student, University of Utah


The American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) was founded in 1963 to certify the credentials
of practicing geologists and to advocate on behalf of the profession.

AIPG represents the professional interests of all practicing geoscientists in every discipline.
It's advocacy & efforts are focused on the promotion of the role of geology and geologists in society.